Lewis Hamilton: Formula 1 simulators no better than computer games

Lewis Hamilton says he can learn "the very same quantity" about Formula 1 circuits playing computer games as he can by driving in the Mercedes simulator.Simulators have ended up being a practically common tool in F1 in recent times, as the rules have significantly limited on-track screening.Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg recently described parts of Mercedes' simulation of the new Baku street circuit as "unusual", and Hamilton said he drove just eight laps in the sim ahead of this weekend's European Grand Prix because of the tool's restrictions.

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Professionals say LatAm hunger for e-games to grow at warp speed

Latin America's share of the international market for electronic games might be small, but it is set to grow at warp speed, specialists have stated.Alexandre Ziebert, technical marketing manager for Santa Clara, California-based technology firm NVIDIA, said that while the region represent just 4 percent of the world market, over the next few years "it is anticipated to grow at a speed of 20 percent yearly.""This market (growth) rate that our company believe will be reached in the coming years and approximately 2020 is for the entire area.

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Are we living inside a cosmic computer game? Elon Musk echoes the Bhagwad Gita

When the film The Matrix was released in 1999, its main premise, that the world is not what it appears to be, appeared to repeat the ancient Indian principle of maya, or impression. As Morpheus says to Neo in the film:Exactly what is real? If you are speaking about your senses, exactly what you feel, taste, smell or see, then all you’re speaking about I like cheats is electrical signals analyzed by your brain.He then continues to reveal to Neo the reality that the mankind has been condemned by the Machines to endure their lives in a synthetic simulation called the Matrix, which they easily accept to be the real world.